Announcing a newly established partnership between

Elkins Earthworks and Inficon


Bringing you the most comprehensive Landfill SEM package available today! 


Introducing the IRwin



When paired with the Elkins Earthworks SEMonitor Software running on your Windows Mobile enabled Handheld,

you have the ability to enhance your data collection efforts


Monitoring in a live mapping environment that allows the technician to follow a pre drawn walking path in the field, ensuring total coverage on the first attempt

Setup integrated monitoring with GPS at your desired sample rate

Mark instantaneous hits with GPS, time stamp and manual entry comments 

Take site specific background readings of ambient ppm levels, allowing the SEMonitor software to average and add to your overall exceedance levels

Guide the technician through the Method 21 instrument verification process and provide a detailed report of instrument compliance






A Leader in Landfill Gas Monitoring Devices

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