The Elkins Earthworks Wellhead incorporates the Flo-Wing® Meter developed by ENERGYneering Solutions Inc.® (ESI) to overcome the challenges of current wellhead technologies.  This design was rigorously field tested and calibrated by a variety of  industry experts, including Elkins Earthworks using the Envision™ Gas Meter.


Modeled on the Venturi effect, the Flo-Wing® design works exceptionally well measuring static and differential pressures of wet landfill gas without impeding flow.  Condensate falls back into the well without hanging on a plate or accumulating in sample ports. The unique design also allows liquid level devices to be  dropped in the well without completely disassembling the wellhead. Incorporating ESI’s patent pending  Flo-Wing® technology the Elkins Earthworks Wellhead is a durable, cost effective and accurate tool for any landfill gas extraction system.


Standard configurations include vertical and horizontal configurations with quick-connect or hose-barb sample ports.  Wellheads can be made in 1", 2" & 3". Installation is quick and easy using Fernco® adapters and Kanaflex® hose.  Other custom options are available including valves, flanges, unions, centralizing supports and other accessories.  Wellheads can generally be shipped within one week of order.

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