From the late 1980’s into the 2000’s, there were few choices for landfill gas analyzers. What was available did not suit the needs of the landfill field technicians. Too often, the technician was forced to deviate or re-establish standard procedures to accommodate the shortcomings of the technology. During this time as one of those field techs, Charles Elkins, spent the better part of 20 years reading gas wells, managing and operating gas systems and co-generation plants.

Frustrated with being forced to do things only one way, Elkins conceived the idea of a field instrument that conformed more to the technician’s field practice. EEW was born from the necessity to bring adaptive technology to the industry. 

The Envision portable LFG analyzer, EEW’s first product, was designed from the ground up to work for the landfill gas technician. Bringing innovative technologies together, EEW created a gas analyzer that communicates with a wide range of hand-held field computers, maintains an open data structure without dictating how to take readings