Attention All INFICON IRwin Owners!

A Firmware update has been released by the manufacturer of these instruments that will be required prior to June 30th 2024. This update is specifically designed for Waste Management sites and is responsible for adding a new feature with enhanced GPS settings. This update will be necessary for communication to the new MDCS SEM software that is required to be used for all SEM events on WM sites moving forward.


This update is not required if you do not perform work on WM sites and use the EEW ProSEM software that was sold with your IRwin/ProSEM package through Elkins Earthworks.


This Firmware update will require that your IRwin instrument is sent into the Elkins Earthworks lab for installation and will be returned to you promptly.


Please go to: to fill out the RMA Request form and send your IRwin instrument in immediately if you intend to perform SEM work on any WM site after 06-30-2024


***Any new IRwin ProSEM packages purchased moving forward will ship with this Firmware already installed***


Thank you for your compliance in this matter, Elkins Earthworks, LLC

For inquiries or questions please call 330-725-7766