Envision Gas Analyzer

This is most likely caused by a leak in the sample train of your Envision.

  • To resolve this issue, you should begin by replacing the O-ring on the quick connect fitting that plugs into the calibrate/static/sample port on the front of the Envision.
  • Restore factory calibration from the Utilities screen on the Elkins Gas Analyzer (EGA) software and attempt to calibrate again.
  • If the O2 still does not zero during calibration, remove any other in line component such as a water trap or carbon filter and try to zero again.
  • If O2 still does not zero during calibration, remove the rear filter door and make sure that the three screw connections on the filter assembly are hand tight and try to zero again
  • If the O2 still does not zero, contact EEW for an RMA # to return the unit for service

This can be done easily, using the Configuration Editor.  Watch this video to learn more!

This is most likely caused by the Bluetooth function on the tablet being turned off.

  • Search for the Bluetooth settings in the search bar at the bottom left of the screen on your tablet.
  • When the Bluetooth setting screen appears toggle the Bluetooth off and back on
  • Try to start the EGA software again
  • Follow this file path to C:/Elkins Earthworks folder and hold down your stylus or finger on the “Options” file. Release your finger/stylus when you see a square appear on the screen, select delete.
  • This will delete the “Options” file and you can exit the file explorer window.
  • Try to start the EGA program again and it will launch successfully.

This is generally cause by a >15-degree change in the internal temperature of the Envision unit since your last field calibration was completed. The O2 sensor (Electrochemical) in the Envision is more susceptible to temperature swings than the CH4/CH2 (NDIR) sensors.

  • Re span the O2 sensor to your desired span value and continue tuning
  • In newer versions of the EGA software you will receive a warning on your tablet/handheld if a temperature change of >15-degrees is detected, and you will be prompted to re span your O2 sensor.

This is caused by reading ambient air after calibrating your O2 cell to 4% (or 11%) calibration gas.

  • If you wish to accurately measure ambient air percentages, you will need to span your O2 cell with ambient air (20.9%) during field calibration.

This is generally observed as one or more of the 5 pressure sensors holding at a high value and not reacting to the zero sensors button being pressed.

  • This is not a field solvable issue and most likely indicates a pressure sensor failure.
  • If all pressure sensors appear to be holding elevated values and decreasing slowly it is possible that the system has a blockage and is holding pressure due to this. Remove the rear filter, water trap and Carbon filter on the unit and see if the pressures release. If the pressure releases, replace the blocked sample train component.