The mesa 3 Rugged Tablet

From Juniper Systems

Pair your IRwin Monitor with the Mesa 3 Rugged Tablet for the complete SEM Package.

Proven power in the palm of your hand takes the IRwin to new heights.


  • Proven reliability of Full Windows 10 Professional
  • IP68 rating, and is designed to exceed MIL-STD-810G for water, humidity, sand and dust, vibration, altitude, shock, and temperature.
  • Projected capacitive multi-touch interface for use with gloves, small tip stylus, and in wet conditions
  • Optimized for strong performance in cold temperatures


The ProSEM Software suite has been specifically designed by former field technicians to provide the user with an unmatched Surface Emissions Monitoring feature flow.  

The user-friendly interface guides you through the Method 21 Verification Process and produces a comprehensive .CSV compliance report.

Utilizing the built-in live-mapping functionality, the technician can see a pre-drawn/current walking path & protrusion map, all on an aerial image.