COVID-19 Update

At Elkins Earthworks, LLC. (EEW) it is our priority to keep our employees, their families and our customers healthy. As the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to spread locally and globally, EEW is continually updating our work protocols to comply with state and federal implemented actions. Please read this information carefully and direct any follow-up questions to

Travel Restriction
There are many states that are currently imposing travel restrictions and they are using different terminology. You may have seen some of the following terms used: “Stay at Home Order”, “Shelter in Place”, “Limit Non-Essential Travel” or “Prohibited Travel”. In general, these orders are to limit travel and ask individuals to stay at home or their place of residence as much as possible. However, several states are letting “Essential Business” stay open.

Is EEW an Essential Business?
EEW is an Essential Business and we are “Critical Infrastructure Workers”. The Lab services that EEW performs are critical to proper analytical equipment operations for emissions control devices at Solid Waste facilities. EEW provides repair and calibration services on gas analyzers used in the monitoring and tuning of emission control systems at Solid Waste facilities. If these gas collection systems are not monitored with well-maintained and accurate analyzers, then facilities may not be able to maintain compliance with state and federal EPA mandates that protects the environment and the health and safety of local communities.

Will EEW stay open?
Yes! EEW understands that our clients must continue to perform monitoring field services during this trying time in the global community. Since we are “Critical Infrastructure Workers”, we will remain open for service. In order to keep our employees healthy, we have implemented several safety practices here at our facility and would like to ask a few favors from you as well!

Additional Safety Practices
EEW Actions
• EEW has limited non-essential travel. If you want a field demo or on-site training, we will ask to schedule later when things are back to some level of normal.
• EEW has limited our in-building office staff to only those working on the repair and calibration of your equipment.
• We have increased the cleaning frequency of our lab and offices.
• During lab activities there are times that we share the use of equipment. If we need to share hand tools, we will utilize latex or nitrile gloves.
• Incoming shipments will be disinfected prior to opening.
• Once opened equipment will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes.
• Outgoing shipments will be wiped down again before shipping back to our clients.

What can you help with?
• Please be patient with us. We will remain at full staffing but may not be able to maintain our strict 10-day turnaround time due to potential supply chain issues.
• Please clean your equipment that you send to us. We will wipe it down when it gets here but please help us keep the delivery personnel and others healthy as well.
• Send only what needs to be sent to us. This will limit what we must clean and what we have in the lab area. Pull out all extra filters, hoses and chargers unless you are directed to do so for troubleshooting purposes.
• Limit your visits to our offices. We love seeing our clients but please ship what you can and only drop off what is critical. If you must stop by, please give us 24-hour notice, if possible.

Customer Support
We are very proud of our customer support here at EEW. At this time our customer support staff will be working from home, per the Orders from the State of Ohio. We are accustomed to providing customer support from locations remote to our office. Many of you have, at times, received telephone and online support from Dan, Jon, and Marshal while they have been hundreds of miles away from the office. Our team has perfected remote support over the past 11 years of service.
Given this is a rapidly developing situation, we will continue to monitor developments and update our course of action as new information becomes available through the CDC and individual state governments. In the meantime, please do your part to stay healthy, and be prepared for potential disruptions. We will do our best to stay healthy here so that we can be there for you!


Charles Elkins
Elkins Earthworks, LLC.