IRwin Now Available!

WADSWORTH, OH – A leader in landfill gas monitoring devices, Elkins Earthworks, LLC has announced a new partnership with Inficon.  The combination of an LFG optimized version of Inficon’s IRwin® Methane Detector and Elkins Earthwork’s ProSEM® software sets a new standard for Surface Emissions Monitoring (SEM) equipment solutions.

Inficon’s IRwin® eliminates the need for an FID in Surface Emission Monitoring by providing accurate, infrared methane detection across a wide range, while Elkins Earthworks’ ProSEM® software provides Method 21 calibration verification, instantaneous and integrated scanning functionality, GPS position tracking, and real-time mapping for SEM technicians.  Together the IRwin® and ProSEM® allow Elkins Earthworks, LLC to offer the most comprehensive Landfill SEM package available, saving users time while collecting accurate and detailed SEM data.

Charles Elkins, CEO of Elkins Earthworks, LLC., describes why he is so excited to partner with Inficon on the IRwin® product introduction into the solid waste industry: “At Elkins Earthworks we pride ourselves on bringing the best technology available into the landfill gas industry.  We also pride ourselves on working with select manufacturers to ensure that the equipment we introduce is tailored to what landfill gas technicians want. This makes their jobs easier, data more accurate and helps them comply with federal regulations.  Take it from me, once a field technician performing countless SEM events, our Bluetooth connected handheld running ProSEM® paired with the Inficon IRwin® unit is an amazing package.

Elkins Earthworks, LLC is an established leader in landfill gas monitoring equipment.  They provide comprehensive solutions for the monitoring, control, and compliance of LFG.  Elkins Earthworks, LLC prides itself on decades of delivering industry-leading products and software to a multitude of satisfied clients.  For more information visit or call 330-725-7766.